Smart Quimic is the second smart-focused magazine published by the Smart City Business Institute. Under the motto “knowledge, innovation and sustainability”, the publication provides coverage for and disseminates efforts being made in the renovation and the application of new techniques in such a relevant sector in our country as the chemical industry. Its contents include:

  • News that feature a more efficient chemical sector: using the right catalysts to make processes “greener and more sustainable”, keeping residues to a minimum and giving a new value to them, as well as fostering biotechnology, among many others.
  • Listing the most relevant research in the sector and training opportunities.
  • Interviews with sector leaders.

Support from relevant national chemistry institutions such as FEIQUE, FEDEQUIM, AEM or IQS. Smart Quimic launched its first issue in November 2013, and it is published 5 times a year (every three months + a special issue)