SC Actual Smart City is the only publication in the world that focuses on the Smart City sector; it was created to provide visibility and coverage to the Smart practices all over the world and highlight the potential of this strategic sector. 

Public (administrations, local and national governments, institutions) and private (small, medium and big companies, corporations, etc) sectors; pieces of news from the 5 continents; all Smart sectors: mobility, energy, water management, transport, urban planning, communications…

SC Actual Smart City has been published for a year and a half; in such a short time, we obtained impressive results. Our website,, where the contents of our magazine are available in digital format, has moved beyond our frontiers and our expectations. We are already being accessed from nearly 100 countries and about 800 cities from all over the world. 

Our readers may find the most relevant articles from each issue both in Spanish and in English, and read them in the version they choose using QR codes.