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Los avances tecnológicos han puesto de manifiesto la necesidad de un marco más sólido y coherente para la protección de datos en la UE. La autora explica cómo será el escenario cuando se aplique la nueva regulación europea en materia de protección de datos y su impacto en el ámbito de las ‘smart cities’. Durante un período de dos años, los Estados miembros deberán adaptar su normativa a las disposiciones del RGPD.

Internet of Things

According to a new market research report ‘Internet of things (IoT) in smart cities market by Solutions (Remote Monitoring, Data Management) Platform (Application & Device Management) Application (Building Automation, Energy Management, Transportation)–Global Forecast to 2020’, published by MarketsandMarkets. The market size is estimated to grow from USD 51.96 Billion in 2015, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.2% during the forecast period.

PPP for cities

The international benchmark on Point-to-Point Protocol in smart and sustainable cities

Cities, and especially those in emerging countries undergoing swift growth, are forced to constantly develop and improve their services.

Smart tourism

Do you want your holidays to be sustainable? First of all, respect wherever you go to the point of leaving the place even better than you found it. A bit of awareness and education will be more than enough.

We have discussed in other occasions about Critical Communications. Since then, technology changes have been quick, and new players have come to the solutions arena. Urgency is utmost, and development and decision making times are shortening as technology accelerates its innovation processes.

Data Science

Being able to adapt to the sector´s needs, becoming more efficient, achieving a better status in our company, shifting sectors or being eligible to a salary raise are some reasons to specialize in these fields, Master´s degrees, training programs and monographic courses are good options to become an expert on Big Data and Business Intelligence.


The American cities of Longmont (Colorado) and Houston (Texas) are about to test a recycling system without waste separation that could potentially increase the recycling rates in these and other towns.

I, robot

Do the quick changes in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation promise a future where robots dramatically decrease the demand of human employees? In a world still recovering after the deep economy crisis of 2008, and with unemployment affecting many countries, the image of new technologies is reflected in two confronting mirrors: from improving productivity to a threat for workers.